Exciting New Bible Study from Ann Voskamp – One Thousand Gifts

by Karen on June 29, 2012


I just read about a wonderful new dvd Bible Study from Ann Voskamp!  If you remember I love to do my gratitude posts on Mondays and link up with Ann’s blog at A Holy Experience.  This was all started by Ann counting gifts that she was thankful for….. that turned into a Monday blog link up and then it turned into a book then it turned into products at my favorite store, Dayspring, like a calendar and journal, then it turned into a photography book and now…..now it has turned into a new DVD Bible Study!  

I am so excited to pre- order this.  What an amazing study it will be.  I can just feel it.  God has such wonderful and big plans for us if we are faithful and Ann is proof of that faithfulness.  She has been blessed by our Father as she blesses us.  

Join me in the Bible Study after it comes.  I am sure many of us will be doing it together.  I can not wait to learn from this study as I learned from the book.  One thousand gifts changed my life and I am sure this study will be just as life changing!  

If you would like to pre-order the new DVD Bible Study then click on the link here or above.  I will get a small compensation from Amazon as I am an affiliate. 

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