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by Karen on March 26, 2013


Oh my dear readers….I am so very excited with an opportunity that came my way recently and I want to share it with you.  As you all know I have fibromyalgia and as you may or may not know, eating gluten free is known to help the pain of fibromyalgia. I have started using many gluten free products and have started changing my family meals to entirely gluten free too….and some times secretly! I am always on the look out for great tasting gluten free products and I have been offered a great way to do that this year!

I had heard about a gluten free expo in Chicago and thought it would be cool to go and see all the great products made by great companies offering gluten free but really never thought about traveling 4 hours to go to the expo.  Much to my surprise my great state of Iowa is going to have the same expo this year.  The Gluten Free / Allergen Free Expo is coming to Des Moines, Iowa in April and I am super, super excited.

And to add to the excitement…. I was picked to be on the blogger team.  Oh girls, boys, sisters, friends…..this is so awesome.  I get to go to Des Moines and meet all the companies and sponsors and I get to do what I love….tell everyone on social media what is happening!!!  I get  to blog, tweet, take pictures, meet awesome sponsors and companies and share it all with you!  I get to go to classes and learn more about a gluten free life and share it all with you.  I get to be your eyes and ears if you can’t possible go too but you really should go see what it is all for yourself.

Just think….little ole me in little ole Iowa is in the same company as San Francisco, Chicago, Secaucus New Jersey, and Dallas!!!  And with awesome companies like the title sponsors Glutino and Udis.  Media sponsors Gluten free living, Living without, Delight, Triumph dining, Simply gluten free will be there too.  Also specialty sponsors Enjoy life, San j, well Amy, Generation rescue, and general sponsors Cruchmaster, Hyvee, Zipfiaa, The Iowa clinic, Gillians food, and Rudis will be there.  Then there is a huge list of vendors that will be there too.  Go check out the expo website to see who will be there.  The companies will be showcasing their products and I can wait to meet all of them.

Take a peak and see what the expo will be like.  Oh I can’t wait to sample some yummy treats too!

Not only is this an expo with sponsors and vendors but this is a educational dynamo expo.  There will be many awesome classes to take.  Some classes in Iowa are Secrets to making gf flat bread, rolls, and buns, Tricks and tips for cooking gf, Healing a child with autism, ADHD or other neurological issues, Parenting celiac kids and many more.

Now remember you don’t have to be Celiac or have a gluten intolerance or other allergies to enjoy all of these products and classes.  There are great and healthy gluten and allergen free products that will give you a healthier approach to your diet.  Gluten free is not just for those that can’t tolerate gluten.  Gluten free is for everyone.  You may be surprised at some of those regular aches and pains going away if you cut out gluten.

Want to see what products are out there and start learning more?  Then this is the place to be.  I would highly recommend you attending one of these expos.  And if you are any where near Des Moines then come and find me.  Just leave me a comment or tweet me or tell me on facebook that you will be there too and maybe we can find each other and say hi!

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 7.14.26 AM

The Gluten and Allergen Free Expo is being held at the Palace Theater at Adventureland park.  It will be held on April 6 and 7th from 9:00 to 4:00.   Go check out the expo website and buy your ticket now.  You will save some $ if you get an early bird ticket!!!

You can follow the expo on pinterest, facebook, and twitter.  See all of our tweets at hashtag #GFAFEXPO

I look forward to seeing you in Des Moines!

And a very special thank you to the Expo for picking me to be on the blogger team!

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