Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Are You Tired of Being Sick? Are You Tired of All of Your Money Going to Insurance and Medications? This May Help You!

by Karen on February 23, 2016


a strongly desired goal or purpose

 something that fully satisfies a wish


I have had fibro for 10 years. I have been on a medical release from work and am on disability. I have always felt stuck….stuck like there are bigger dreams I have than to sit home and accept the way it is. When you are on disability you get a certain amount each month and you can’t work what you are trained for and if you get permission to work then you can only make so much per year. It can sometimes make you feel less than or that  you aren’t doing your fair share or that you can’t do more because they put you on the naughty list if you even try.  And with fibromyalgia days are so different.  I may be able to do some sort of work one day for an hour but the next day I am in bed on the heating pad and there is no consistency. Do you ever feel like that?  

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I have joined many sales companies, mostly for getting the products I love at a less expensive price.  I love essential oils. I love makeup. I love baskets.  I love bags.  I love food.  I love dishes and pots and pans.  I love cooking.  Can you tell I am trying not to mention names here? Well I also love supplements that will help me get off of medications so I signed up because I found a couple of those products.  Yes I signed up as a distributor to get the products for a better cost  but there is so much more that I have learned and seen in the last 1 1/2 years since signing up with this amazing company.  I just saw this video and this story blew me away.  From food lines and bankruptcy to visiting a private island and getting on a private jet to so much more…their dreams come true. Watch this video to see what I mean…………It is amazing and it is hard to even put in to words how this made me feel.  

I have seen so many people that I really know succeed and with their success they give back so much. This is a faith based company and the owner’s pray over the seats at their conference. The stories of amazing people working hard to make their dreams come true. Dreams like staying home with their kids and staying home from a job that is so stressful it is causing you medical issues. Dreams like giving more to your church or different charities. Dreams like just having a savings account with a little extra instead of living paycheck to paycheck. Dreams to just feed your family. Dreams like being able to pay for all of your medications without taking away from the food budget for your family. All sorts of dreams have been realized with this company.  You tell me your dream and I bet I can a video of some one that has worked and realized their dream.  Seriously.  There are so many stories and maybe mine and yours will be next!


I have also seen how we, as chronically ill people can look outside the sick and disabled box.  We can have opportunities to have our own business that we can run almost completely from social media. This means on those bad days we don’t have to get to hustle.  We can do it from our homes on our beds with the heating pad and our phones.  


This company has many products including skin care, supplements, cleansing, energy drinks, essential oils, and botanical wraps. The products are amazing and help many many people including me. I use two products every day and they are helping my fibro. I take relief 3 times a day and I drink the greens each day. I can’t tell you how they have helped me along with a healthy diet. My dream is to get off of medication which means I am healthier and our income increases because insurance costs and medication costs are so outrageous.


If you want to her more about the products or the opportunity then comment below or send an email to 


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