Meet Karen

Welcome to my bloggy home!

This is me – Karen or faithfamilyfibro


I hope you  feel like you just came over for a chai latte – my favorite – and we are sitting around enjoying each other’s company and sharing about each other’s lives, our ups and downs, our joys and sorrows, and any hints to help each other out.  That is what my blog is about………just life.

Below you will read my “official” bio..  I still haven’t quite figured out how to write a concise and detailed paragraph without babbling.  I just know that in 50 years I have been through a lot and I have sinned.  I have been forgiven and am now living the best days of my life with my hubby and children.

That is it for the moment but who knows what will change as God directs my life!


Karen aka faithfamilyfibro is a blogging and tweeting “late bloomer” wife and mama who lives in Iowa.

Karen got married at age 35 to her hubby of almost 15 years.  They were been blessed with two children when Karen was 37 and 40.  Karen’s children are known as Princess and Superhero.  Karen’s daughter is 13 going on 25 and is growing up to be a beautiful inside and out young woman.  Karen’s son is 9 but has a wise old soul with a sweet and sensitive side.

Karen is a life blogger at blogging about her old life as a single, liberal, and independent woman living in the “big” city and about her new life living in a small town as a married, conservative, Christian, wife and mama pursuing Proverbs 31 while dealing with a chronic illness.

Karen loves to share how life has changed for her.  Not only has it changed from her single days to married days but also from her “healthy” days to the present as she tries to manage  fibromyalgia.  She wants to help others find the blessings of life even if they have to adjust everything from their marriage to parenting because they have a chronic illness.

Karen blogs and tweets about any subject you can think about in your own life.  She wants to show others that you can live an abundant life with just a few adjustments when you have  a chronic illness.  Karen  loves to do reviews and spread the word about great companies and great products.

Karen also manages a facebook support group known as faithfamilyfibro.  In this group you can find fellowship if you have a chronic illness and if you are a support person.

You can meet up most days with Karen on twitter as she tweets daily under the name @faithfamilyfibr (no o ) or on facebook as Karen Knapp and on Instagram and Pinterest as faithfamilyfibro.