Multitude Monday

The weeks have been flying  by this summer because the kids have been so involved in different activities.  We found some awesome things to do this summer and we have been having loads of fun.  One thing the kids just finished was a theater camp.  Oh how they both love their theater. The theater camp […]


My Honey Loves Me – Multitude Monday

by Karen on July 17, 2012

I mentioned a couple times that I thought I needed, okay, wanted a floatie to use in my kids pool so it was easier for me to soak in the Vitamin D I so desperately need. We have a small 10×30 kids pool and I try to go out each day for a few minutes […]

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I didn’t get a chance to post my gratitude list yesterday because we had so many to do outside activities on our list.  It was a running day and I am pooped.  Good thing is that there is no runny today until my princess’ dance class tonight! Yipee….I am jumping up and down! While I […]


I hear him as he whispers in my ear………………..   “It’s okay.  I will be with you.  You did’t waste your time and your life.  You learned lessons.  You learned hard lessons and easy lessons and those lessons have changed you.  It doesn’t matter how old you are.  It doesn’t matter that you are married […]


On My Way to 1000 Gifts!

by Karen on January 30, 2012

370.  the continuing grace of God every day 371.  church family 372.  my secret sister that is spoiling me 373.  the deacons who have become my hubby’s brothers and friends in Christ 374.  a great Psalms Bible Study with my morning online friends 375.  the energy and strength to go to church with my family […]


348.  the Word of God that I can read every day to get direction for my life…my life instruction book 349.  the beautiful, white, fluffy snow…as long as I do not have to drive in it 350.  sister and brother playing together in the snow 351.  a day of lessons that goes smoothly with no […]